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Practicums and Internships

Students experiencing a Psychology Internship

Florida Tech’s undergraduate psychology internship program is designed to prepare students for the workplace by concentrating on the domains of professionalism, career competence, and evidenced-based practice. Students are first prepared for the psychology internship through a professionalism class which teaches them the fundamentals of professional presentation, aids them in developing their career goals, helps prepare them for the graduate school admissions process, and assists students in tailoring their career expectations to the reality of today's job market. The preparation includes preparing resumes and cover letters, and undergoing mock interviews.

Because Florida Tech is a smaller institute, we are able to place all of our psychology students into quality internship experiences. Our goal is to provide internships for college students that are suited to their specific career interests so that students can have the opportunity to “try out” their careers before obtaining their degree. Since we have many areas of study and concentrations in our program, we have a variety of sites. Below are just a few examples:

Clinical psychology students may be interested in:

  • Circles of Care
  • Brevard 2-1-1
  • Devereux
  • Guardian ad litem program

Applied behavior analysis students may be interested in:

  • The Scott Center for Autism Treatment
  • Circles of Care

Industrial Organizational psychology students may be interested in:

  • Brevard Police Testing Center
  • Center for Organizational Effectiveness
  • Harris corporation

Forensic psychology sites may be interested in:

  • Local Drug Courts and Mental Health Courts
  • Brevard Criminal Justice Center
  • Melbourne and Palm Bay Police Department
  • State attorney offices
  • Guardian ad litem program

We have also had students selected for nationally competitive internship sites, including the FBI Behavioral Sciences Unit, NCIS, Sea World, and Dolphin Quest (Bermuda).  In addition to the hands-on experience provided by the psychology internship, students are able to make professional contacts, and learn applied skills to supplement their academic learning.

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