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Psychology Minors

a stack of psychology booksMinors were originally introduced at Florida Tech in the undergraduate psychology program to give students an opportunity to obtain a broad understanding of a field outside of their major through a set of courses carefully chosen by the offering department. The psychology program at Florida Tech offers two minors in psychology: general psychology minor and forensic psychology minor.

The general psychology minor is designed to give students a broad-spectrum overview of psychology and its research methods, and a sampling of the two primary divisions within psychology: natural science bases of behavior (e.g., biological psychology) and social bases of behavior (e.g., social psychology). The general psychology minor requires 19 credit hours to complete. The minor in psychology provides an exciting and broadening educational experience for all majors.

The Florida Tech psychology program also offers the minor in Forensic Psychology, the dynamic intersection between psychology and justice and law enforcement systems.. The forensic psychology minor requires much of the same basic psychology as the general psychology minor, but also includes a broad overview of forensic psychology. This minor requires 20 credits of coursework. Students who are interesting in forensic accounting (accounting majors), crime scene analysis (chemistry and biology majors), or law, and students in any major who would like to use their major in the criminal justice or intelligence fields will find this minor extremely valuable in their career pursuits.

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