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The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (The Center) provides I/O services and critical performance management consulting to local and national companies. The mission of The Center is to develop customized solutions that enable organizational success while fostering student excellence. As the management consulting arm of the I/O program The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (The Center) provides valid tools and processes to increase organizational productivity including: employee selection, performance appraisal, training and development, and organizational metrics. The Center has three goals:

  1. Provide opportunities for I/O students to gain valuable experience working on projects and with clients
  2. Foster student practicum and internship work
  3. Promote applied research

Students play a formal role in The Center. They manage the day-to-day activities of The Center itself, they are assigned to and work on consulting projects, and senior students serve as project managers. All work is done under the supervision of the Director, senior I/O students and faculty. University-based consulting centers are viewed as an effective way for students to learn to bridge the gap between coursework and “real life.” The Center provides students with guided practical experience and formal and informal mentorship.

Typical Center projects include: employee surveys, training programs, 360 degree feedback programs, and assessment development and validation.

The Center’s customized solutions are based on best practices and current scientific knowledge about effective organizational practices and workplace design. We establish mutually beneficial research-based partnerships with local, state, and national businesses so that we can provide enhanced solutions to our clients, as well as have the necessary funding and capacity to conduct basic research in the field.

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