OSP supports the pre-award process to our faculty and university community through value-added, high-quality service and professional partnerships with Principal Investigators in order to facilitate world-changing research.

OSP provides the following services in the support of PIs:

  • Review sponsor guidelines, identify key requirements
  • Assist with budget preparation, related documentation and proposal submission forms
  • Prepare required sponsor administrative forms
  • Ensure that all Florida Tech information included within the proposal is accurate and complete
  • Contact and collaborate with partner institutions to secure all necessary subcontract documentation
  • Assure all regulatory requirements and export control issues are identified
  • Review the final proposal package to ensure all administrative requirements have been met
  • Complete the final submission package, upload final documents and forms, and submit to the sponsor

Principal Investigator Responsibility

Responsibility for setting the direction of research at Florida Tech University lies with our faculty. A principal investigator is typically a member of the faculty who bears responsibility for the intellectual leadership of a project.

He/she accepts overall responsibility for directing the research, financial oversight of the funding, as well as compliance with relevant University policies, federal regulations, and sponsor terms and conditions of an award. This includes research grants, cooperative agreements, training or service projects, clinical studies, and other sponsored projects.

PIs, departments and colleges do not have the authority to execute contracts or agreements on behalf of Florida Tech. 


  • Prepares the technical proposal, works with OSP to develop the budget and related materials and confirms that the entire proposal meets requirements outlined in the sponsor’s program guidelines
  • Identifies sub-recipients and consultants
  • Requests cost-sharing dollars, if required
  • Satisfies regulatory research requirements (i.e. use of human subjects, animals, etc.)
  • Assures the final proposal is properly endorsed and communicates to OSP staff to obtain appropriate approvals prior to submission
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