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People of Excellence

Two students exaining a plantFlorida Tech will empower and champion our students, faculty, and staff, propelling them to attain unparalleled success at their highest potential.

Outcome 1

Remove barriers and increase access to knowledge, education, and professional development opportunities for the Florida Tech community.

Tactics for Outcome 1

  • Develop a comprehensive, digital directory to maximize access and information sharing for students and employees.
  • Increase student and employee support and engagement opportunities to address academic, physical, and emotional wellness.
  • Redesign budgets per college to include annual, external professional development opportunities for all faculty and staff.
  • Create an employee code of conduct followed by implementation of annual check ins and a 360-performance review with each employee to create a collaborative culture of feedback and growth.
  • Administer bi-annual climate surveys, a student readiness assessment, and exit interviews to identify barriers for students, faculty, and staff.

Outcome 2

Recruit and retain an excellent, diverse university community and support them to become internationally recognized scholars and leaders.

Tactics for Outcome 2

  • Conduct a transparent salary compensation analysis for faculty and staff and make necessary changes to be more competitive in hiring of employees.

  • Deploy an early alert system for students to accurately assess early academic struggles and financially at-risk students and implement best practices to ensure sustained student success.

  • Develop and sustain a mentorship program for students, faculty, and staff interested in additional support and growth opportunities.

  • Provide management and training courses to increase quality of teaching, student readiness, and soft skills.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase retention rate and graduation rate of IPEDS cohort, New Transfer, New Master's, and New Doctoral students.
  • Increase the tenure-track and nontenure faculty and staff retention rates. 
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