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Programs Driven by Innovation

Student working on a project in the Wind LabFlorida Tech will advance the knowledge and research capabilities in all disciplines by providing an experienced, professional, solution-oriented talent pipeline determined to succeed.

Outcome 3

Provide professionally accredited, technology-driven curricula that cross educates students in both classroom and experiential learning across all disciplines.

Tactics for Outcome 3

  • Assess ten (10) degree curricula annually for currency of content, adequacy of demand, impact, use of technology, and cross-disciplined opportunities until all programs have been reviewed, right sized, and prioritized for investment.
  • Develop, document, and maintain disciplinary accreditation for degree programs per college.
  • Identify the necessary technology and lab equipment needs for each college before modernizing technology to increase student success and unique learning opportunities.
  • Implement more student living/learning communities to increase student success and involvement in academics and athletics.
  • Redesign the University website and global marketing plan to increase awareness locally, regionally, and nationally to grow the Florida Tech community.

Outcome 4

Expand and diversify externally funded research programs to become a strong R2 research institution which provides all students an opportunity to conduct impactful and innovative research to further position Florida Tech for R1 consideration by 2040.

Tactics for Outcome 4

  • Adopt research best practices including compliance, safety, facilities, and support to provide a balanced workload for involved faculty, staff, and students based on expectations and requirements.
  • Redesign and augment the Office of Sponsored Research to better support faculty, staff, and students in identifying, applying, and reporting results through grant application and award process.
  • Create Florida Tech's Research Institute (FTRI) to focus on classified research awarded by the federal government to accelerate research expenditures in strategic areas such as but not limited to:
    • Cyber Security & Resiliency
    • Space & Applied Electromagnetics
    • Ocean/Marine Engineering & Science
    • Biomedical Engineering & Science
    • Social Sciences
  • Conduct a market analysis across leading industries to further identify and/or shift the strategic areas in which Florida Tech should invest more resources and programming.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase research and development (R&D) expenditures across all funding sources (federal government, state and local government, institution funds, business, nonprofit organizations, and other sources).

  • Increase in Research Output Efficiency (ROE).

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