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Optimized Learning & Social Environments

Optimized Learning & Social Environments

Florida Tech students working on a project involving a carFlorida Tech will serve as a leading educational and research-focused institution who provides an enhanced campus life and collaborative culture for the university community and beyond.

Outcome 7

Revitalize and unify the campus with state-of-the-art technology, living, and learning areas for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate, socialize, and build community.

Tactics for Outcome 7

  • Partner with a strategic, master planning organization to assess all of Florida Tech's physical spaces to determine what needs renovation and enhancement based on sustainability, and student, faculty, and staff needs/desires.
  • Capture cost-estimates and develop realistic short-term and long-term monetary goals to achieve the largest impact on the Florida Tech community.
  • Establish more multi-use spaces for students, faculty, and staff to gather and build community with one another.
  • Develop, maintain, and streamline a comprehensive technology plan to ensure access and sustainability for the Florida Tech community at all times.
  • Conduct a feasibility study and execute a comprehensive campaign to fund the master plan and ensure student success is accessible and achievable for all.

Outcome 8

Serve as the premier and preferred location for engagement and events between Florida Tech and the local community.

Tactics for Outcome 8

  • Create an annual comprehensive engagement plan to engage the local community with students, faculty, and staff to develop strong, lasting collaborative relationships.
  • Streamline communication with the external community of Florida Tech to share activity, successes, and other related news and information.
  • Augment campus facilities to support large campus events that can accommodate attendance from the interested local community based on ROI and ROE.
  • Evaluate and redesign Florida Tech's main entrance to be more welcoming and pronounced to increase community awareness and engagement.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Renovate and modernize all outdated campus facilities and align with existing campus structures.
  • Increase the number of engagement opportunities for Florida Tech with the local community.
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