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Steering Committee Composition

Graphic depicting the organizations and groups represented in the steering committeeThe composition of the Steering Committee emphasized the diversity of voices from all units, colleges, alumni, friends, board members, faculty, staff, and students.

Steering Committee Operating Parameters

  • Inclusive and collaborative process
  • Respect for the process, one another, and other opinions
  • Open and honest communication
  • Focus on strategic opportunities versus operational issues
  • Tackle the difficult questions and challenges
  • Look beyond yourself; what is best for Florida Tech’s future
  • Recognize that the Strategic Action Plan will be a living, evolving document
  • Flexible timeline, but aggressive, seeking a balance between urgency and deliberation

Steering Committee Members

  • Theodore Richardson, Dean of the College of Business
  • Robert Taylor, Dean of the College of Psychology & Liberal Arts
  • John Harris, Dean of the College of Engineering & Science
  • John Deaton, Dean of the College of Aeronautics
  • Nancy Garmer, Associate Librarian & Assistant Dean
  • Alan Brown, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering & Faculty Senate Chair
  • Nikki Souris, Assistant Professor of School of Arts and Communication
  • David Wilder, Professor & Head of the School of Behavior Analysis
  • Christian Sonnenberg, College of Business Associate Dean of Academics
  • Charles Bryant, College of Business Associate Professor
  • Rian Mehta, College of Aeronautics Assistant Dean
  • Debbie Carstens, College of Aeronautics Human Centered Design and Graduate Program Chair
  • Terrence O’Connor, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Paula do Vale Pereira, Assistant Professor of Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences
  • Gaye Montgomery, College of Psychology & Liberal Arts Advisory Member
  • Michael Marks, College of Business Advisory Member
  • Jim Blackford, College of Aeronautics Advisory Member
  • Joe Bussenger, College of Engineering & Science Advisory Member
  • Fin Bonset, Alumni Board
  • Sherry Acanfora Ruohomaki, Alumni Board
  • Chelsea Lewis, Student Government President
  • Erik Laari, Student Government Vice President
  • Brian Pommer, Chair of the Parent Leadership Committee
  • Robert Salonen, Director of Government Affairs and Strategic Partnerships
  • Jeffery Richardson, Manager of GPAC and Campus Events & Staff Advisory Committee
  • Rosalee Vega, Operations Manager for Scott Center for Autism Treatment & Staff Advisory Committee
  • Brian Ehrlich, Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Gary Grant, Vice President of Advancement
  • Jamie Joss, Director of Athletics
  • Ann Marie Kousari, Executive Assistant to President
  • Brian Leslie, Vice President of Operations
  • Kathleen McDermott, Interim Chief Financial Officer
  • Ryan Petersen, General Counsel
  • Hamid Rassoul, Interim Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Wes Sumner, Vice President for External Affairs & Strategic Advisor to the President
  • David McMahan, Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students
  • Amanda Kay Moske, Executive Director of Institutional Research & Chief Data Officer
  • John Nicklow, Florida Tech President & CEO
  • Travis Proctor, Board of Trustees Chair
  • Dale Dettmer, Board of Trustees Member
  • Kristen Dreggors, Board of Trustees Member
  • Grace Gamage, Ombudsperson
  • Mark Magrino, Senior Risk Management Officer
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