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Florida Tech Hub - The All-In-One Student Management System

Florida Tech Hub, known as "The Hub" is a web application designed to revolutionize student management at Florida Tech. The platform is a centralized hub for students, instructors, and advisors, providing various functions to enhance academic success and support services.


  • Make appointments for tutoring sessions, writing assistance, supplemental instruction (SI), and coding help.
  • Schedule tests and view appointment status at Student Success and Support Center.
  • Access their comprehensive academic information through The Hub.
  • View their class schedules, grades, GPA, and academic progress (including academic alerts).
  • Track their study hours and set study goals to improve academic performance.
  • Reserve SSSC spots and check into university events managed by the Events Manager.
  • View approved accommodations (disability) managed by the Accommodations Manager.


  • Approve and manage testing appointments for students with accommodations and verified absence notices.
  • Utilize the system to view and contact students in their current or past teaching classes.
  • Access and manage class grade information effortlessly.
  • Submit academic alerts for students facing attendance or academic challenges via the Academic Progress Manager.
  • Stay informed about midterm submissions and connect with students needing support.
  • Engage with students who have absence notices.

System Functions (Tools):

Student Profile:

The Student Profile is a comprehensive database encompassing all student (Banner and original) data since 2009. Original data can include advising private or public notes, tutoring, and testing appointment statistics. Students and instructors can access class schedules, grades, GPA, academic progress, accommodations, academic alerts, and verified notices through The Hub. Additionally, it provides access to international student information for a holistic view of student data.

Academic Progress Manager:

Instructors can utilize the Academic Progress Manager to submit academic alerts for students encountering attendance or academic challenges. Notifications are sent to student advisors, the Student Success and Support Center (SSSC), or off-campus (and online) academic administrators. Graduate Student Assistants (GSAs) can also submit academic alerts through the system.

Residents Care:

The Residents Care function within the Resident Manager supports Student Life by efficiently managing students residing on campus, especially those under 18. It also caters to students with housing accommodations approved by the Office of Accessibility Resources. The function is accessible to Student Life staff, resident assistants, university security officers, and health center personnel.

GPA Calculator:

The GPA Calculator simplifies GPA calculations for students by pulling their current grades. Advisors can also use this feature to get advisees' grade information and perform "what if" scenarios to assist students in academic planning.

Tools and Quick Links:

The "Tools and Quick Links" feature provides an extensive collection of useful, searchable links to assist students, faculty, and staff in navigating various Florida Tech web applications. From Maps and Canvas to CARE Form, Holzer Health Center, Panther Cash, Facilities Request, and more, this centralized repository ensures easy access to essential resources and streamlines essential administrative processes.


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