Testing Services

Testing & Proctoring Services

The Student Success and Support Center (SSSC) provides test proctoring services for students who receive accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Resources as well as students needing to make up missed assessments, provided the excuse is verified by the Dean of Students. The SSSC also provides limited test proctoring services for Florida Tech students taking online courses at other universities.

Students must schedule their exams online. No walk-in appointments are accepted for exams, and any rescheduling of exams must have the approval of the instructor of record for the assessment. 

The Student Success and Support Center does not condone violations of the university's Academic Honesty Policy.

Cheating is NOT condoned or acceptable. All violations are reported to the instructor of record for the assessment. All assessments are monitored via video.

As a reminder for students using test proctoring services at the Student Success and Support Center (SSSC):

  • Students may not have any recording or communication devices in the testing area; items such as phones, laptops, cameras, calculators, or other devices capable of sending, storing, and/or receiving messages should be turned off and left at the front desk. If a calculator is required for an exam, the Testing Center will provide one.
  • Students must be prepared to begin at the scheduled time and may not have any items or materials that are not specified by the instructor.
  • Students are not permitted to remove any materials from the testing site. All scratch paper and notes permitted by the instructor must be turned in with the assessment at the time of completion.
  • Students found with any devices or materials not specified by the instructor will not be permitted to complete the assessment, and the assessment and additional evidence will be turned over to the instructor of record for disciplinary action. 

Responsibilities of the Student

  • When an exam is announced, the student speaks with the instructor about using SSSC services for exam proctoring, and both agree upon a date and time for the exam.
  • The student makes the testing appointment online via the  Make a Testing Appointment link. Testing appointments should be scheduled as close to the in-class start time as possible.
  • The student makes the testing appointment 48 hours (two business days) in advance of the assessment. If a student requires the use of a scribe or reader, the appointment must be made 72 hours (three business days) in advance.
  • The student should arrive at least five minutes before the start time to check in and ensure that the assessment is on file. Late arrivals may not be allowed to begin the exam without instructor permission.

Responsibilities of the Instructor

  • The instructor responds to email requests from the SSSC to verify the date and time proposed for the testing appointment.
  • The instructor may deny a testing appointment request if it is not for the date and time agreed upon with the student, or if the student has not spoken with the instructor prior to setting the testing appointment.
  • After approving the testing appointment, the instructor specifies any allowed materials for the exam.
  • The instructor or an approved delegate delivers the exam to the SSSC in advance of the student's testing appointment.
  • We will be open at 7:30 for your convenience during the week of finals.  Additionally, for those of you that travel or work across campus you have the option to email the copy center web portal with your exam and quantity needed. They will deliver to us or you can pick it up yourself. Please make sure you give them 24 hours’ notice.  More information can be found at the copy center web portal.