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Student Success and Support Center

Our Mission

Founded by the Office of the Provost in Spring 2022, the Student Success and Support Center (SSSC) is designed to provide resources and academic assistance that will help students discover their unique skills, develop to their fullest potential, and achieve academic, personal, and professional success. Serving all Florida Tech students and academic units, the SSSC supports Florida Tech’s mission to provide high-quality education to a culturally diverse student body in order to prepare students to enter the global workforce, seek higher-education opportunities, and serve in their communities. 

Our Goals

Located in the Allen S. Henry Building, the Student Success and Support Center is a hub of academic resources and services aimed at the following:

  • Improving academic performance and fostering student success 
  • Enhancing students' academic skills and abilities through cultivating effective learning practices
  • Providing students a space to learn, study, collaborate, and connect
  • Enriching the student experience and sense of belonging
  • Increasing student retention and graduation

Our Services

The SSSC offers FREE educational support to all Florida Tech students with the goal of helping them achieve academic success. 

The following offices are now conveniently co-located and  merged into the SSSC:

  • Academic Support Center (ASC)
  • Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR)
  • Chemistry Resource Center (CRC)
  • Computer Science (CS) Help Desk
  • Math Advancement Center (MAC)
  • Physics Resource Center (PRC)
  • Testing Center
  • Writers' Den

Types of services include the following:

  • One-to-one, one-hour tutoring sessions in most undergraduate courses, particularly mathematics, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering, business, composition, and psychology
  • One-to-one assistance from English instructors and peer tutors who help students improve communication skills by answering questions and reviewing written work
  • One-to-one assistance in core self-management skills such as goal setting, time management, note-taking methods, and exam-review strategies
  • Supplemental instruction sessions in cooperation with academic departments for challenging courses 
  • Study groups of three or more students who meet in advance of exams to prepare with materials provided by departments
  • Community outreach to local 6-12 grade students who need help in mathematics and science
  • Academic alerts that allow faculty to report concerns while bringing the need for academic interventions and student support to the attention of advisors and SSSC staff  
  • Counseling for students who need help with their studies or with campus life as related to their studies
  • Midterm progress reports to students
  • Liaison between students and academic units
  • Academic resources for students, parents, and faculty
  • Testing


We Are Here For You!

The SSSC diligently works to provide in-person and online tutoring assistance in all courses to Florida Tech students. Our graduate student assistants (GSAs), peer tutors, and faculty are eager to assist undergraduate and graduate students with their academic and professional needs. 

Tutoring services are offered both online using Microsoft Teams and face-to-face. Walk-ins are also welcome.

The following is information about the tutors' credentials and background: 

Our faculty, GSAs, and peer tutors support the mission of the SSSC in the following ways:

  • Providing a student  perspective of learning at the university that includes the use of campus resources and department initiatives to promote academic success
  • Supporting fellow students’ quests for knowledge and understanding by using student-centric academic strategies
  • Sharing subject-specific skills and techniques to help students realize success in their courses
  • Promoting an environment of learning and academic discourse through knowledge of campus resources and participation in peer-tutor professional development
  • Engaging students in the learning process through active listening, constructive questioning, and critical thinking

To prepare for a tutoring session, students should bring textbooks, notes, completed homework, study guides, and graded quizzes or exams. Having material from the course gives both the student and the tutor a starting point for the tutoring session. Students should expect to work through problems, draw diagrams, engage in discussion and explanation, and participate actively in the tutoring session. 


All Proctoring Is Done At The SSSC!

The SSSC provides exam proctoring for students eligible for services through the Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) or through an arrangement with the Director of Student Outreach and Support. All exam proctoring is done by appointment only and with the cooperation of the instructor of record for the course. Students should make a testing appointment online at least two business days (48 hours) in advance.


All our tutoring and support services are conveniently co-located in the Allen S. Henry Building!

Administration Staff

Rodd Newcombe
Director, Student Success and Support Center
Kawanda Rembert
Associate Director, Student Success and Support Center
Mandi Bennett
Assistant Director of Student Success and Support Services
Elizabeth Kyle
Testing Coordinator
Zak Beck
Administrative Assistant, Student Success and Support Center
Ce (Sam) Su
System Administrator & Developer
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