The Student Success and Support Center offers resources to students, parents and faculty, please review the sections below for your needs.

Current News from the ASC

The Academic Support Center uses eCurrent, Florida Tech’s home for many department and student blogs, to post articles related to academic success. Check out some of our more popular posts for help in key undergraduate courses like Composition and Rhetoric (COM 1101) and General Chemistry 1 (CHM 1101) as well as general topics like time management and using review sessions to your advantage.

Downloadable Guides for Students


Grammarly Premium

This free service for Florida Tech constituents highlights your grammar and spelling errors and offers suggestions for improving sentence structure, word choice, and style for all kinds of documents. It also helps prevent plagiarism by checking against a database of over 8 billion web pages. To create an account:

  1. Click on the Grammarly Premium link above.
  2. Enter your name, @FIT.EDU or @MY.FIT.EDU email, and a password (NOT TRACKS).
  3. Check your inbox for an activation link.

Go the Grammarly Premium FIT Library guide for more help.

At the Student Success and Support Center (SSSC), we encourage instructors to post information about our services outside their offices and within their course websites. Some instructors find it useful to include a few sentences on the syllabus to refer students to the SSSC for help. Feel free to copy and paste the following, or copy and modify to fit the flow of your course materials.

"The Student Success and Support Center provides peer tutoring in many undergraduate courses, including this one. You are encouraged to use your resources, prepare accordingly, and work with a peer tutor.

Make an appointment online or call 321-674-7110 to speak with a staff member for more information.

Please remember that peer tutoring is intended to supplement your learning and should not replace class attendance. You can prepare for a peer-tutoring appointment by bringing textbooks, completed homework, notes, study guides, and graded quizzes or exams. Expect to engage in discussion and participate actively in the tutoring session. For more information, please visit their website."

Group Studies and Supplemental Instruction

We work with many professors and course coordinators to schedule review sessions before exams. Professors provide us with syllabi, course materials, and study guides to help our tutors prepare to lead group review sessions. We have worked with business, chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, and physics faculty to facilitate multiple sessions during the semester. Students who attend group review sessions often schedule follow-up peer tutoring appointments to take advantage of SSSC services. Please call our office at 321-674-7110 to learn more about how we can help you.

Parents of Florida Tech students can subscribe to our Family Newsletter to receive news related to academics, campus events, and important deadlines.

Parents can remind students of peer-tutoring services throughout the semester. Tutoring is free and conducted on campus when classes are in session, so getting assistance with courses is timely and convenient. View more information about the campus.

Parent-student communication is critical throughout a student's academic career. Learn about some important topics to discuss with your student like FERPA, peer-assisted learning, and campus involvement.