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The 2024 study abroad program to Spain includes a three-credit-hour BUS course and/or a three-credit-hour COM course for graduate and upper-level undergraduate students, on-campus, and/or online. Depending on your program curriculum, the study abroad course may satisfy a required course or elective course. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to take 3 BUS hours, 3 COM hours, or 6 combined hours while studying in SPAIN in the summer!!!

The program includes

  • Visits to 3 major cities and additional excursions too!
    • Madrid
    • Barcelona
    • Valencia
  • 4* Accommodations throughout the tour
  • 3 Credit hours or 6 Credit hours if your need a BUS and a COM class! (tuition included in the price)
  • Course sessions (administered online) and seminars taken in Europe (ESIC)
  • Course substitutions are available*
  • Cultural Events - 3-5 planned and ticketed events + plenty of time to explore!
  • Reading materials and active engagement with MNE leaders
  • Company visits - Face-to-face with executives from Multinational Firms
  • Tourist excursions
  • FOOD!  Glorious food!  
    • All Breakfasts
    • 6 lunches
    • 6 Dinners
  • Plenty of FREE time to explore all that Spain offers


Business strategy, Business Communication, Culture in Business, Global Leadership

  • Engage with Multinational Executives, talk global strategy, tour facilities
  • Workshops with global leaders in Business
  • Firsthand experience with the Business environment, the Legal system, Feel the cultural differences, Get to know the people!

ESIC (The largest Business University partner in Spain)

  • No. 1 marketing and business school in Spain
  • 120+ Agreements with Universities and Business Schools
  • 2500+ Agreements with companies
  • Worldclass workshops
  • Global engagements
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