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College Of Aeronautics Alumni Association

Alumni organizations are an important part of any collegiate experience. Alumni support the college and students in many ways like identifying important topics for new courses, identifying new students, and helping to find internship and other opportunities for them. The College of Aeronautics Alumni Association (COAAA) is no exception, they attend college fairs, help new alumni find employment, and in some cases even teach some classes. Ultimately, the COAAA helps the College of Aeronautics continuously improve the learning environment and enhance the educational experience for generations to come. 

Show Your Support for the College of Aeronautics College Fairs and High School Visits

Any alum that has the time to help Florida Tech counselor's on the road are welcome. Contact Gloria Pappas, Coordinator Alumni Recruitment at (321) 674-7459 or email for more information. The College of Aeronautics appreciates your time and effort! Helping Keep our Curriculum Current

Recommend course updates, new courses, or even new degree programs based on industry needs and trends. Help us to identify potential faculty members and/or donors for lab equipment or instructional materials. Identifying Opportunities for Students 

Help students jump start their careers by helping to identify internships, co-ops, and even career opportunities for current students and graduates. Helping to Identify Key Contacts

Identify key industry contacts, potential board of advisors members, fundraising prospects or other opportunities in the industry. Making a Donation

Your gift, whether $10 or $10,000, will help to kick-start recruitment, curriculum, faculty, and development projects in the College of Aeronautics!

The College of Aeronautics is requesting donations to change the look of Skurla Hall's Atrium.

The Skurla Hall Atrium requires about $50,000 worth of renovations. These needed changes/additions such as furnishings, tile repair, and custom built-in casework will greatly improve the look of the atrium, and capture the very essence of the activities and programs offered within Skurla Hall.

Your donation helps make this renovation possible! By working together, we are able to complete these needed upgrades. 

Donate Now

George M. Skurla Hall, built in 1991, is the home of the College of Aeronautics. Mr. Skurla was former chairman and president of Grumman Corporation and member of the university board of trustees. He made numerous contributions to the university. Skurla Hall is a two-story building that includes faculty offices, classrooms, laboratories in air traffic control, advanced systems and computers, and a 140-seat auditorium. The lecture auditorium is used for events such as the Florida Airports Council Noise Abatement & Community Affairs Meeting and other seminars offered by all campus colleges. Located on the first floor are several lecture style classrooms with elevated seating for greater ease in viewing the whiteboards or projection screens.


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