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Business Applied

Actionable Business Ideas Informed by New Research

The Business Applied series presented by the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech invites business owners, executives, consultants, practitioners, leaders and students to get new, actionable industry insights from the university's top business faculty. We've done the research. Now you can benefit from it.

Business Applied: Strategy in Action

Join us for the inaugural Business Applied event, "Strategy in Action," and enjoy lunch with peers while gaining knowledge you can put to work the same afternoon!

Dr. Lars Hansen: "Eight Mistakes Expert Strategists Make and How to Avoid Them"

Lars HansenMuch of the literature on Strategic Management assumes that expert strategists are professionals who are unbiased and make few mistakes. However, recent research in the field, under the heading of Behavioral Strategy, have shown that biases and mistakes are in fact a common occurrence even among expert strategists. A study by Dr. Lars B. Hansen expands on this view by identifying eight typical mistakes even expert strategists make. The presentation by Dr. Hansen highlights what these mistakes are and what practicing managers can do to avoid them in the strategy process.

About Dr. Hansen

Dr. Lars B. Hansen is an Assistant Professor of Sport Management and Business Strategy at FIT’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. Dr. Hansen is also a Chess Grandmaster previously ranked in the top 100 in the world in chess and a Bronze Medalist from the Chess Olympiad. His research attempts to draw on both of these backgrounds to inform practicing managers’ strategic decision-making.

Dr. Robert Keimer: Strategy Without Execution is Like A PB&J Without the Bread

Robert KeimerWhile good strategy and supporting capabilities are widely recognized as foundational elements to firm success, much less attention has been given to execution; that is, the ability “to get things done.” Managers can craft the right strategy and build the necessary capabilities, but without a capability to execute those critical elements, all they have is a set of good intentions. A study by Dr. Robert F. Keimer has identified 5 critical drivers of execution in two successful companies. The study also documents how those 5 drivers combine to form a catalytic capability of execution—a capability that helps to drive firm performance.

About Dr. Keimer

Dr. Robert F. Keimer is an Assistant Professor of Management and Program Chair for Online Programs in Florida Tech’s Nathan M. Bisk College of Business. His areas of expertise include innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing.  Prior to joining Florida Tech, Bob held executive positions in marketing and management. Most recently he spent more than 15 years with direct profit and loss responsibility for several multi-million dollar regions while employed at SCP Distributors (POOL).