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Actionable Business Ideas Informed by New Research

The Business Applied series presented by the Bisk College of Business at Florida Tech invites business owners, executives, consultants, practitioners, leaders and students to get new, actionable industry insights from the university's top business faculty. We've done the research. Now you can benefit from it.

Business Applied

Anatomy of a Strategic Decision: from a Museum to your C-Suite

Presented by Keiron Hylton

How many tactical decisions will you make this week? How many strategic decisions will you make this year? Starting with a pedagogical method for helping students recognize their decision-making patterns and improve their decision-making patterns and improve their decision-making, itelsef informed by entrepreneurial, management consulting and investment banking work experience, and mediated by a senior strategy class project for the Board of Trustees, Professor Hylton will describe the history and possible futures of complex decision analysis, help the audience practice improved decision-making and issue a call for collaboration on a prospective book on CEO decisions.

About Keiron Hylton

Keiron HyltonKeiron Hylton has worked as a college professor, investment banker. management consultant, and entrepreneur. He teaches MBA and senior capstone Strategy courses, and senior Business Plan Research at Florida Tech. Prior to his academic career, Professor Hylton was a Managing Director at Berkery, Noyes in New York, where he provided M&A investment banking services for Fortune 500 and middle market companies in the information industry. Before his time in investment banking, Keiron was the Managing Director at Scenarios, Inc., where he provided strategic planning and organizational development consulting services to startups and middle-market clients primarily in the publishing industry. He began his consulting career with Oliver Wyman in their telecommunications practice after co-founding a radio station. Keiron Hylton holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. 

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