Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where is the Controller's office?
    • The Controller's Office is found on the first floor of the R.A. Work Building, 408, the sign outside reads Business Services. We are located near Human Resources and Skurla Hall (College of Aeronautics).
  • Where did Accounts Payable and Purchasing move to?
    • Accounts Payable and Purchasing departments are located on the second floor of the R.A. Work Building, 408. The staircase is located between the Controller's Office and Human Resources.
  • Is my employee ID number the same as my Student ID number?
    • Yes, Employee ID, Student ID number, and 900# are all the same thing. This ID number is needed to look up a person in the database for anything payroll related.

General Accounting

Look in the FIT Accounting Guide for detailed FAQs about Accounting. If you cannot find the information you're looking for, please contact one of the accountants.


  • How do I get my pay stub?
    • Log into PAWS, select the Employee tab, click the Pay information button, then the Pay Stub link. Choose the desired year, then click Display. Each date is a different pay period in which you can print your pay stub. If you cannot access PAWS, please contact
  • How do I get my W2?
    • Log into PAWS, select the Employee tab, click the Tax Forms button, then select the W2 Wage and Tax Statement link. Choose the desired year, then click Display. Here you can print your W2. If you cannot access PAWS, please contact
  • My check is misplaced or stale dated. How do I get a replacement check?
    • Please come into the Controller's Office to speak with our Payroll Specialist to get a replacement check.
  • Who is allowed to pick up Payroll checks?
    • Bi-weekly payroll checks can only be picked up by signers authorized by the Finance Manager of each department. Other Payroll-related checks (replacement for misplaced and stale dated checks, or other manual checks) can be picked up by the check payee or those listed on as a signer for the department. Please email Rachel Carroll for more information.
  • I didn't submit my hours on time, what do I do now?
  • Where would I find information on relocation allowances?
    • The Payroll page has the Relocation Allowance Policy, Form, and FAQ.

Tax and Compliance

  • How do I file my taxes?
    • Florida Tech does not give out personal tax advice, we can only refer you to a tax company who is licensed to do so. If you have any questions about receiving tax documents to complete your taxes, such as the W2 or 1042S, please email Payroll at View more information about 1098T.

Student Accounting

Click here for Student Accounting FAQs