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37 Hours of Giving 2023

Florida Tech's annual giving event was supercharged this year, going from one day to 37 hours to match the 37-cent donation that launched the renowned university 65 years ago.

The 37 Hours of Giving event generated a surge of gifts from 3,050 donors. Their generosity helped Florida Tech reach $902,058 in donations raised since July 1. Both totals are records for the university, which held its first Day of Giving in 2015.

For 37 hours straight, the university aired content, from interviews featuring President John Nicklow and the deans of all four colleges, to student competitions, golf cart tours with students and staff, and more.

This year, 28 student clubs and organizations actively participated in the campaign. Notable mentions go to the ice hockey club team, with 35 donors, and newcomers like the College Players and American Meteorological Society student chapter, who, in their first year of participation, raised substantial funds for their organizations.

"These generous gifts to Florida Tech will make our strong university and its programs, experiences, and facilities even better, and we are thrilled that ultimately all of this will benefit students here now and those yet to come," said President John Nicklow. "On behalf of our entire university community in Melbourne, we thank all of our donors, including our amazing alumni."

Dr. Nicklow 37 Hours Intro

Florida Tech President John Nicklow kicks off the 37 Hours of Giving.

Florida Tech Cash Cab

In an engaging twist reminiscent of the hit TV game show "Cash Cab," Florida Tech introduced "Cash Cart" to its campus. Hosted by Ed Dunn, this novel initiative offers students free rides across campus—whether to classes, cars, or dorms—while entertaining them with trivia questions. Success in this rolling quiz show means winning cash for the students' chosen clubs, organizations, or sports teams.

Florida Tech Rock Paper Scissors

The excitement reached new heights at Florida Tech's 37 Hours of Giving penultimate celebration with the annual Rock-Paper-Scissors contest taking center stage on Thursday evening. Eager students competed with enthusiasm for the esteemed title, and the ultimate winner was honored with a distinguished and newly minted trophy — a one-of-a-kind masterpiece crafted at the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Design.

Dr. Nicklow Interviews Dr. Patterson

President John Nicklow flips the script as he interviews esteemed historian Gordon Patterson, delving into the intriguing story behind the '37 cents' phenomenon and exploring a range of topics related to Florida Tech's rich history.

Remembering Panthers with Bill Jurgens and Gary Grant

Bill Jurgens and Gary Grant reflect on the enduring legacy of three Florida Tech luminaries we've lost this past year: Eric Jo, F. Alan Smith, and Tim Wakefield. Their remarkable contributions have been pivotal to the institution's success, and they leave behind a legacy that will fore3ver be honored.

Sustainability with Larry Pollack and Maggie Palmer

Alumnus Larry Pollack and current student Maggie Palmer engaged in a dynamic discussion about sustainability initiatives at Florida Tech. Larry, who earned his Master's in Environmental Science in 1985, and Maggie, the current president of the Student Organization for Sustainability Action club, shared insights on the campus's green practices.

About the Gordan and Joy Botanical Garden

Gordon and Joy Patterson paused to share their enthusiasm for the crowning glory of Florida Tech's campus, the Joy and Gordon Patterson Botanical Gardens. Their conversation revealed a deep commitment to this verdant sanctuary that bears their names.

College of Aeronautics Dean John Deaton

Dean John Deaton joins Florida Tech historian Gordon Patterson for an in-depth conversation about the latest developments at the College of Aeronautics.

College of Business Dean Ted Richardson

Dean Ted Richardson joined forces with Florida Tech historian Gordon Patterson for an insightful conversation about recent developments at the Florida Tech Bisk College of Business.

COES Dean John Harris

Dean John Harris and Florida Tech's esteemed historian, Gordon Patterson, convened to discuss the full spectrum of events and achievements at the College of Engineering and Sciences.

CoPLA Dean Bob Taylor

At the College of Psychology and Liberal Arts, Dean Bob Taylor sat down with historian Gordon Patterson to explore the latest transformations and milestones.

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