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The Panther Fund

Dear Panther Fund donor,

Our students and faculty are so grateful for all the alumni, parents and friends who support the full mission of the university.

As an integral part of the Florida Tech family, your gifts make it possible to meet the financial needs of students, to advance research, and support all of our academic goals. Giving to the Panther Fund has been used to purchase equipment that attracted federal research funding.  It has helped families in need to continue at Florida Tech, and it has played an important role in advancing our progress, making this institution stronger every year.

Not only does your support have a direct impact, but the increasingly high participation is also meaningful. Your gift tells us that you stand behind every student who stays up late studying and every professor that has had to learn how to teach remotely.

In this 2023/24 academic year, we cannot say enough how grateful we are.

Go Panthers!

Office of Advancement

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