The Panther Fund

Dear Panther Fund donor,

We are so grateful for the growing support for the Panther Fund.  In addition to raising over $300,000 last year for the Panther Fund, we also raised $85,000 from May-July to help students dealing with the challenges faced from the nationwide COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.  

Thanks to the support from alumni, parents and friends during the special day of giving last spring, we helped over 20 students suffering hardships.  In some cases, they or their parents lost jobs they depended on or had their businesses close down. Other students had new expenses and needed a place to live, some because their country was locked down.  We helped students who had compounding problems in addition to COVID issues, such as a student whose parent was diagnosed with cancer. In short, your gifts made a tremendous difference in the lives of about a dozen students who will now have a greater chance to graduate successfully. Know that such kindness comes back even greater as the students will frequently give back later to help others after them.  Thank you!

In this 2020/21 academic year, thank you for making a difference where and when your help is most needed.

Go Panthers!
Gary Grant
SVP for Development