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Student Design and Research

Student Design and Research at Florida Tech is what sets our university apart from others. The hands-on experience for our students gives our students an edge when graduating from a top tier university. Every year we have over 100 student design projects participate in our annual Northrop Grumman Student Design Showcase.

Through the generosity of gifts, we have been able to build the L3HSDC and supply the 10,000 square foot building with essential machines used for the student design process that include waterjets, laser cutters, foam cutters, CNC capability, 3D print farm and printing services, hand and power tools, and workstations.

We are now expanding our capabilities with our new Bio-MakerSpace in the Gordon Nelson Health Sciences building at Florida Tech.

With your continued support, the student design and research capabilities will allow our students to be among the top engineers and scientists who will have the best tools at their disposal as they continue to innovate for our future.

You have the option of donating to any of our current teams or to the infrastructure of student design and research.


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