Holzer Health Center

Rights, Responsibilities And Privacy

Florida Tech is committed to assisting you in a successful and healthy college career. One way to do that is by providing easily accessible health care and health insurance on campus. As a student, you have certain rights and responsibilities, and it is important that you fully understand them.

Your rights:

  • To be treated in a manner that respects your privacy and dignity as a person.
  • To have your medical information protected.
  • To receive assistance and care in a prompt, courteous and responsible manner.
  • To be assisted with a referral if your health care needs are beyond the scope of the services of the Health Center
  • To be provided with information about the health center and the services that are included
  • To be directed to those individuals who can give you specific information on the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Your responsibilities:

  • All students are responsible for learning how their healthcare services work by reading and referring to your benefit materials.
  • To present a valid Florida Tech ID for services to ensure we are serving the eligible population.
  • You are responsible to pay your health care bills in a timely manner
  • To inform the receptionist if you feel your condition is emergent, or you suspect or have symptoms that suggest an infectious disease
  • To be truthful with the healthcare provider

For more information contact the Office of Student Activities at (321)674-8080 or the Health Center at (321)674-8078

 Your Privacy

 The health center is committed to maintaining strict confidence for their patients and medical records. Records can only be accessed by the patient with a signed "Medical Request Request Form" or as is allowed by HIPAA "The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act". View more on Health Information Privacy.

If you would like to give your parents or anyone else access to your medical records, please make sure to sign the form contained in your New Patient Paperwork at your first health center visit. You can change your preferences at any time by requesting a new form.

If you do not give us access to speak to anyone, then we will not share your medical information or even confirm that you had a visit to the Health Center as mandated by HIPAA.

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