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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't buy the Student Health Insurance for my student. Can they still be seen at the Holzer Health Center?

Yes, the Holzer Health Center is available for all registered students regardless of insurance. Student ID and insurance card should be presented for their visit.

What is the charge for a visit at the Holzer Health Center?

There is no charge for registered students to be seen for an office visit. However, any labs, x-rays, procedures or specialist visits will be billed to their insurance, or paid for at the time of the visit if we do not accept the insurance. This includes in house lab tests such as strep throat tests, urinalysis, mononucleosis, etc. We accept cash or credit/debit cards. 

What services are provided at the Holzer Health Center?

The majority of medical conditions can be diagnosed and treated at Holzer Health Center. Injuries will be evaluated and treated within the scope of the Health Center. Any condition or injury that requires further treatment will receive initial care and then be referred to the appropriate facility or to our in-house Family Practice physician Dr. David Badolato. If a diagnostic test is required, the Health Center will provide the order and direct them to the diagnostic facility. Sprains, strains, minor fractures and other musculoskeletal conditions may be referred to our in-house Sports Medicine physician Dr. Stephen Badolato. Recurring allergy sensitization shots can be administered when serum is provided, and will incur an administration fee that will be billed to your insurance. Immunizations, wellness visits, physical exams or health screening services can be provided for an additional charge.

Who provides health care at the Holzer Health Center?

The Holzer Health Center is staffed with two full-time Nurse Practitioners and three Medical Assistants and a patient advocate. A Sports Medicine Physician and Primary Care Physician are available for scheduled appointments throughout the month. A Board certified psychiatrist and chiropractor are also available on an appointment basis. Your son or daughter will be assisted with a referral to the appropriate specialist or hospital if their condition would require medical care beyond the services offered at the health center.

What is a Nurse Practitioner, and what can they do?

A Nurse Practitioner is a Registered Nurse who has advanced education and clinical training in a healthcare specialty area. The Holzer Health Center Nurse Practitioners hold a Master of Science in Nursing degree, are licensed by the State of Florida as an APRN, and are Board Certified in their specialty.  A Nurse Practitioner provides many of the same services as a physician, including but not limited to: physical examinations; evaluation, diagnosis and treatment; dispensing medication and prescriptions; ordering laboratory, and diagnostic testing; performing certain minor procedures; and referring for physical or chiropractic therapy.

My student has a chronic illness that requires routine checkups and medication refills.  Can Holzer Health Center accommodate that?

Although the Holzer Health Center operates more as an Urgent Care, we can manage routine care and medication refills for uncomplicated chronic medical conditions, and will refer offsite for specialist care if indicated. Please call your insurance company to ensure they will cover visits with outside providers and specialists. Many insurance companies have "away from home" plans which will cover this if you have an HMO.  You can choose any local provider.  However, we recommend Premier Primary Care/Premier Urgent Care (321-242-SICK or 321-253-2169) as they manage the Holzer Health Center, and are always happy to accommodate Florida Tech students. 

My student does not have a car. Are there over the counter medications available at Holzer Health Center?

Yes, many common items are available at the Health Center, typically priced below local retailers. A small number of prescription medications are available and can be prescribed by one of our providers.

Where can a student fill prescription medications?

The Health Center has a pharmacy with a number of generic medications that can be prescribed and dispensed by the Nurse Practitioner, or filled at any of the local pharmacies.  Some pharmacies offer a delivery service.

If a student needs to see a specialist, and we have purchased the student Health Insurance, will they need a referral?

No, students who have the student health insurance policy are not required to obtain referrals to specialists. However, the provider can make the appropriate referrals and/or recommendations as needed.

Can I receive information about the medical treatment my student received at the Holzer Health Center?

Any student over the age of 18 years old is entitled to confidential protection of their health care information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, referred to as HIPPA.  This is a Federal Law that applies to all health care settings. The Holzer Health Center is not able to give any information to anyone that the student did not specifically designate on their Health Information Protection consent form.

What if the student is a minor?

If you or a family member will not be living close to your son or daughter while away at school, it is important to consider legally authorizing a local adult to accompany them to any local specialist appointments or diagnostic facilities. A minor may not be seen without a legal guardian present for any medical care or treatment, with the exception of being seen at the Holzer Health Center. The authorized adult must be over 18, and is not required to make decisions for your son or daughter, but must be present for them to receive medical care. We encourage you to be proactive and complete the Minor Care Authorization form before an injury or illness occurs. 

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