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Holzer Health Center


Important Notice concerning Health Care for Minor Students on Campus

If you or a family member will not be living close to your son or daughter while away at school, it is important to consider authorizing a local adult to accompany them to any medically indicated specialist appointments or diagnostic facilities. A minor may not be seen without a legal guardian present for any medical care of treatment, with the exception of being seen at the Student Health Center. This legally authorized adult must be over 18, is not required to make medical decisions for your son or daughter but must accompany them to appointments. We encourage you to be proactive and speak to your son or daughter about selecting an adult and completing this Minor Child Care Authorization form before an injury or illness occurs.

Free Vision Screening
Vision Screen AD 2017

Flu Vaccine

Protect yourself and your family today by getting the Flu Vaccine! The Flu Vaccine is Available Now at the Holzer Health Center. Available to all students, staff, faculty, and families. Please bring your insurance card and ID. No appointment needed.





Free HIV Screening

Free HIV screening available to Florida Tech Students, Staff, and Faculty sponsored by Project Response Located at the Holzer Health Center on the First Monday of every month from 12PM-2PM and the third Tuesday of every month from 5:30PM-7:30PM





Chiropractor Appointments

Chiropractor visits are available on campus by Dr. Brad Nelson on Tuesday afternoons! Available for all Students, Staff and Faculty! Call for more information!


TRAVEL ADVISORY:  The CDC has issued important information regarding the Zika Virus and its recent transmission in Florida.  Please read their website for more information. If you are planning to travel to an area where Zika transmission has been identified, please come by the health center to discuss health and safety recommendations or read the CDC information on prevention. If you have come to Florida from a geographic area with active Zika transmission, please watch for symptom development (rash, conjunctivitis, pink eye and fever) and seek health care at the Holzer Health Center or your primary care provider for evaluation.

Florida Tech is very concerned about the health and welfare of its students and community. We have been vigilant in following the CDC recommendations, including reducing mosquito breeding grounds on campus, communicating advisories and monitoring for further updates concerning the geographic areas infected in Florida. The Brevard County Health Department (BCHD) has worked with Holzer Health Center to develop Zika prevention, identification, and control policies. The Health Center is prepared for screening any symptomatic individuals, with testing for potential cases being referred to the BCHD. Symptomatic treatment will be offered and any potentially infected individuals will be counseled to refrain from activities to prevent transmission. Please see the CDC website for more information.