Message From The Provost

TO:                         Dean, Department Heads, Faculty

FROM:                 Dr. Marco Carvalho, Executive VP & Provost

DATE:                   10/5/2021

SUBJECT:           Florida Tech Sponsorship for Foreign National Employees for Permanent Residence

This correspondence will serve as a reminder that in December 2005, Florida Tech adopted an official policy regarding employment based sponsorship of foreign national employees for permanent residency. Our policy is aimed at centralizing immigration-related services, thereby assuring Florida Tech’s departments and centers of consistent quality and expertise in employment-based immigrant processing. In addition to meeting those needs, centralization will also continue to build and preserve Florida Tech’s relationship and reputation with USCIS and the Department of Labor.

Authorization to prepare and sign immigration and non-immigration documents related to Florida Tech employment based permanent residence petitions lies exclusively with the Provost’s Office and the ISSS Office. This is to say that no faculty member, department representative, or attorney has the authority to sign non-immigrant or immigrant petitions and related documents on behalf of the university. Failure to comply with these provisions will result in required notification to USCIS and/or the US Department of Labor and the petition or other immigration documents which were unauthorized will become null and void. The matter will also be referred to the appropriate University official to determine whether further action is necessary.

Florida Tech’s policy can also be found online.

Any questions should be directed to Jackie Lingner, Director – ISSS (

Thank you.

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