Small Jobs and Walk-Ins

We do allow for walk-in jobs on a limited basis. The following rules apply to Walk-In and Small Jobs.

  • Everyone MUST were safety glasses.
    • Everyone must swipe their ID card through the Student ID Card Reader located next to the Shop office.
    • Everyone must wear closed toe shoes!
  • ONLY certified workers can do walk-in work.
    • Authorized workers are required to get shop supervisor approval before work is started.
    • Workers are required to follow all standard shop rules and practices.
  • Non-certified workers cannot work in the shop; they must have a certified worker perform all operations.
    • Non-certified workers are allowed to observe or drop off work, but the supervisor must approve and be present while work is being performed.
    • Individuals not working are not to be hanging out in work area.
  • The job must be simple and not require more than 30 minutes of machine or bench time.
  • Work must NOT be dangerous to the equipment or the personnel.
  • The supervisor has the right to refuse any walk-in work.
  • The individual for whom the work is being done is responsible for all damages.
    • This individual is also responsible for the worker.
    • The basic principle is: be careful!


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