Training System

**Note: Senior Design Teams are prioritized for the Machine Shop Class

In order to maintain a safe, organized and productive environment in the Florida Tech machine shop, students must complete mandatory machine shop training before using the Machine shop.

A full training policy is given under "Standard Procedures". Students cannot work on a project while training because this interferes with the training outline. A training schedule will be set at the outset. Individuals will have specific days and times to report for training.

There will be NO rescheduled sessions so it is imperative that students avoid missed training sessions. The training runs for 2-4 weeks.  The institution of a mandatory training policy will help eliminate the problems the shop is having with students damaging equipment and help them avoid dangerous work situations.

Machine Shop Certification expires after (1) year.  Re-certification is a one time, (2) hour session.  They take place several times at the beginning of each semester. 

Training will also benefit students with the designing and building of projects. At the end of training a skills and written test are administered. Students must pass the test to gain shop access.

Forms and Documentation

  • Certification is valid for one year only.


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