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Effective Date Apr 10, 2018


The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance and assistance to the Property Administration Unit as the University receives property donations in the form of furniture, fixtures, or equipment from various sources, such as corporations, companies, and individual donors.


This policy applies to all donations of furniture, fixtures and equipment accepted by the Office of Advancement behalf of the university.


All donors must contact the Office of Advancement as notification for the intent to make a donation to the university. The Office of Advancement, with the assistance of the appropriate department, determines the value and feasibility of the donations. If the donation is determined to be acceptable and is to be used by a department, Property Administration will be notified to arrange for pick up and delivery of the donation to the appropriate department. If the donation is such that an outside contractor must be involved in the pick up and delivery, the department receiving the donation will be charged for the pick up and delivery. If the donation is sold, any costs will be deducted from the proceeds of the property.

All donations must be processed promptly. Property Administration will retain a copy of all donation documents as the official record of the university. The Office of Advancement should complete the Acknowledgment Donation Form and forward a legible copy of all donation documents to Property Administration, if:

  1. appraisal property is more than $1,000

If the donation is over $1,000, a capital asset record will be created in the FAS database, and the property will be tagged.

Office of Advancement will provide a copy of all donation documents to the Property Administration for processing. The Office of Advancement will prepare and send an official acknowledgment letter to the donor for the donation.

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