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University On-Campus Moving Policy

Effective Date Apr 10, 2018


Basic guidelines have been established to allow for continuous control and monitoring of the on-campus move program.


The policy applies to all university departments and employees.


  1. The point of contact for all on-campus moving requests will be the university's Property Administration Supervisor. All requests for moving or relocation, must be submitted to the Property Administration office in writing or by phone, at least five days prior to the anticipated move date. All requests must include the following:
    1. Anticipated date of the requested move.
    2. List of items to be moved.
    3. Current location of all affected individual (s) or equipment.
    4. New Location.
  2. The following actions will be taken following the receipt of a moving request:
    1. The Property Administration Supervisor will visit the department to determine the work involved.
    2. The Property Administration Supervisor will coordinate the move with the outside moving contractor. The requesting department's budget will be charged for the move.

Note: Lifting restriction of no more than 50 pounds for moves to be completed by professional movers.

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