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FH 2.20.2 Research Salary Supplements

Effective Date Jul 14, 2016

2.20.2 Research Salary Supplements (rev. 8/2014, effective FY14)

Full-time established faculty (rank of assistant, associate or full professor) conducting funded research in a given fiscal year will be awarded a research salary supplement (RSS) to be paid in two equal installments during the following academic year equal to the sum of:

  1. 10 percent of their academic year salary charged to research grants and contracts, and
  2. Five percent of their summer salary charged to research grants, and
  3. Five percent of all undergraduate and graduate student tuition, fees and stipends paid from the grants or contracts for which they are the principal investigator (includes student stipends under “participant support”), and
  4. Five percent of all capital equipment expenditures from grants and contract for which they are the PI, and
  5. Five percent of salary expenditures for post docs, research professionals, adjunct faculty and technicians paid from grants and contracts for which they are the principal investigator.

Note 1: Full-time faculty who served as Co-PI and whose academic year and/or summer salary was supported by an external grant or contract during the preceding fiscal year are eligible for an RSS based on the salary support received.

Note 2: Research-active administrators holding a full-time established faculty rank are eligible for an RSS.

The Office of Sponsored Programs will compute the RSS amounts using the official university expenditure report. The vice president for research will review the RSS data with the deans and submit the research salary supplements to the chief academic officer for approval and implementation.

Faculty hired as research professors on grants and contracts are not eligible for research salary supplements. Also, faculty who resign before award of the RSS are not eligible for an RSS. In addition, only projects with a demonstrable scholarly component and are overhead-bearing are eligible.

The supplements are awarded on a fiscal year basis and may be discontinued and/or the criteria changed as deemed necessary by the president based on the recommendation of the chief academic officer.

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