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Sustainability Land And Water

Our goal is to implement sustainable practices in land and water related management systems at Florida Tech. Also, see our Campus habitats and wildlife page

Projects have included:

Composting Compost figure

Composting systems divert waste from landfills, reduce fertilizer use and costs, benefit campus landscaping, and reduce nutrient runoff problems on campus surface waters.  We are using worm-based (vermiform) composting at Florida Tech when student volunteers are available to operate the project using worm houses (see top figure).  Florida Tech Dining Services provides waste from Panther Dining Hall and the S.U.B. 

We sell the soil and fertilizer products back to the Facilities Dept. of Florida Tech in a closed loop sustainability business model that is a win-win for all.  This is a nice opportunity for those interested in vermiform composting, permaculture, and the opportunity to create excellent soil and liquid ti fertilizer in our beautiful campus botanical gardens (The Jungle).  

Removal of Invasive Species – Botanical Garden

The Joy & Gordon Patterson Botanical Garden is a beautiful place to visit on campus but portions are covered by two species of invasive plant species: the Air Potato, Dioscorea bulbifera, and the Golden Pothos, Epipremnum aureum. These species grow on top of native plant species and choke out and smother other species and eliminate space to grow; thus the native plants die while these species thrive. This decreases the canopy that animals depend on.

The invasive species spread very quickly and cover all - especially the air potato whose fruit falls off easily and can sprout hundreds of new vines to further encase any nearby plant. The Facilities Dept. and students are reducing the damage of these invasive plants and volunteers are often needed. 

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