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Sustainable Dining

Dining is a crucial factor in the effort to create a more sustainable campus at Florida Tech. Sustainable practices can be found at all five on-campus dining locations: Panther Dining Hall, the Rathskeller, Black Kat Kafé, Center Court, and the SUB Café & Deli. New projects can be introduced and implemented, for example, compost sourcing. We are able to take the waste from the dining services and compost it to make rich soil for use by the university. With the cooperation of students and staff, we are able to make leaps and bounds.

Our goal is to have the involvement of the entire university as well as the local community. In affect, we hope to create a melodious, sustainable system in the heart of Melbourne, Florida.   

Current Sustainable Practices

  • Recycling pre-consumer packaging waste (plastic, glass, steel & aluminum) through single stream recycling dumpster (All Dining Locations).
  • Recycling waste cooking oil through SOS Oil Recycling (All Dining Locations) 
  • Cardboard recycling (Dumpster at SUB/Rathskeller, Baler at Panther Dining Hall, PDH)
  • Pulping post-consumer waste (plate waste and napkins)(PDH)
  • Conversion to “green” cleaning chemicals (ware washing and floor care) (All Locations)
  • Trayless dining hall operation (PDH)
  • Composting of food preparation waste (coffee grounds, egg shells, vegetable prep trimmings)  (All Locations)

Future Projects/Initiatives

  • Move to paper napkins manufactured with higher recycled content. (All Locations)
  • Move to recyclable or biodegradable or compostable take out packaging. (All Locations)
  • Composting of post-consumer plate waste (Pulper effluent) (PDH)
  • Expand local purchase initiative
  • As equipment is replaced or upgraded, choose energy efficient equipment.
  • Institute additional energy efficient procedures and practices
  • Replace gasoline utility carts with electric models
  • On-campus organic garden
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