Florida Institute of Technology
Raymond A. Armstrong M.D. (Emeritus)
Physician (Ret.)

Member Since: 1984

Richard N. Baney M.D. (Emeritus)
President (Ret) - Health First Physicians, Inc.

Member since: 1986

Rita Cheng, Ph.D
President Emerita - Northern Arizona University

Former Chancellor - Southern Illinois University

Member since: 2024

Dale A. Dettmer J.D. '71
Attorney at Law - WhiteBird Law

Member since: 1999

Kirsten L. Dreggors
Vice President of Engineering Aeronautics Systems - Northrop Grumman

Member since: 2021

Bobbie Dyer
Division President, Dyer Mortgage Group of Melbourne

Member since: 2018

Jill A. Eanes, '91, '93
Captain, United Airlines

Member since: 2024

Joseph M. Flammio (Emeritus)
Wells Fargo Advisors, VP, (Ret.)

Member since: 1999

William J. Guyan
Sr. Vice President and General Manager - Leonardo DRS

Member since: 2024

Richard P. McNeight
Chief Innovation Officer, Health First, Inc.

Member Since: 2008

Kendall T. Moore, Esq.
Attorney at Law - The Moore Law Group, PLLC

Member since: 2021

William Muns, '78, '80
Executive Director, MDCC Holdings

Member Since: 2011

Robert L. Phebus, Jr., '74
CFO (Ret.), Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa

Member Since: 2011

Richard R. Porter
Partner, Deloitte (Ret.)

Member since: 2020

William C. Potter J.D. (Emeritus)
Partner (Ret.) - Holland & Knight - Potter, McClelland, Marks and Healy P.A., (Ret.)

Member since: 1982

Alan L. Prestwood, '73, '80
Senior Vice President of Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors, Melbourne (Ret.)

Member since: 2018

Travis Proctor, '98
Chairman - Florida Tech Board of Trustees

CEO, Artemis IT

Member Since: 2012

James E. Pruitt '72 (Emeritus)
President - Pruitt McCaslin, Inc.

Member since: 1987

Michael Scafati
Managing Director (Ret.) - Wells Fargo Advisors

Member since: 1995

Elizabeth J. Swann
Owner - Dunn Huntin Grove

Member since: 2003

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