Florida Tech: Now Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

The College Tour show logo. An orange box with the words The College Tour inside.Florida Tech’s academics and research, hands-on experiences, campus diversity and Space Coast benefits are the focus of , a new series now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

The College Tour’s Florida Tech episode features authentic stories from 10 Florida Tech students: Alyssa Carson, Maria Sagastume, Giulio Cristello, Gennaro Zappariello, Tanner Crampton, Tij Vishwakarma, Delaney Lisco, Emily Almodovar Warner, Greg Dunn and Loghan Ashline.

Guided by host Alex Boylan, the 30-minute episode tells the story of what life is truly like on and around Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus, from academics to the campus community to athletics. There’s even a trip to the beach, our flight line, and Larsen Motorsports—home of the Florida Tech jet dragster!

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The College Tour: Florida Tech Episode Previews

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