Why should I pursue IAOIP certification program?

The IAOIP Certification program is designed to help professional innovators document their skills in the science of innovation. As innovation continues to become a major focus of almost every organization, the ability to document that you have the knowledge will become a valuable distinction in your career development.

How will it benefit me?

The program is increasingly becoming a globally recognized reference for employers to view as a mark of knowledge, skill and ability and can provide professionals a source of professional distinction.

Is it a single course or a series?

The IAOIP Certification program is a broad based collection of multiple subjects in the science of innovation created to allow each professional to craft a series of certifications best suits to their skills, occupational demands and professional recognition.

Do I need a webcam to complete the program?

A webcam is required for taking the online-proctored exam if that is the method you will use to complete the certification program. A webcam is not necessary for the current online courses for IAOIP certification.

Do I need a microphone to complete the program?

A microphone is not necessary for the current online courses for IAOIP certification, nor is a microphone required to take the online exam.

Any discounts or coupons?

The cost of the program includes taking the exam. IAOIP members who log in to their IAOIP membership account prior to enrolling for the course will receive the membership discounted price. For membership renewal purposes, go to the website for the most recent and applicable information that pertains to your situation.

Can I complete the program on a mobile device?

The IAOIP exam is not currently guaranteed to work on mobile devices. It is best to take the exam on an Internet-connected laptop or regular computer.

If it's a series, how many courses must I take to complete it?

The IAOIP Certification program has two paths each with a required first course. One is the Foundation Level exam and the other is the Management of Innovation exam. For details, go to the website to decide which path is best for your situation.

Is it on-site or online?

The IAOIP exam is available online, but may also be conducted in a classroom setting with a proctor depending on your specific circumstances.

If online, is it scheduled or on-demand?

IAOIP exams are available on demand through any suitable Internet connection.

Who is the instructor and what are his or her credentials?

Instructors for IAOIP certification courses are currently certified in the subject matter and also bring years of experience in practicing the science of innovation in various fields.

How long will it take to complete?

IAOIP exams are designed to be completed in four hours or less. The average time is less than two hours.

How much does it cost?

Please visit the course registration page for information about course prices.

Are there required texts or other materials i must purchase to complete the course/series?

IAOIP courses through Florida Tech that include the exam will also include the IAOIP study guides required for that course. In addition, we recommend the Global Innovation Science Handbook, 1st ed., as a good reference for all IAOIP courses and a fine addition to your professional bookshelf. These materials are available to members on the IAOIP Study Guides page.

Will I receive some sort of certificate when I complete it?

When you successfully complete the IAOIP online exam, a certificate is automatically generated and you can save it to your computer or print it out immediately.

Will I be certified when I finish the course?

The course is designed as a review to assist you in preparing for the exam. You are certified only by the successful completion of the IAOIP exam for the subject you are studying.

Will I earn graduate credit for completing the program?

No. These courses are offered for professional development only.  

Is it graded? How are the courses graded?

The course is not graded. The exam requires a 70% to pass. Scores are not publicly published.

Will I have to take exams to complete the program?

Yes. You must take and pass the exam to be certified.

Can I use financial aid to pay for this program?

These courses do not qualify for traditional financial aid.

Will I be able to get a transcript of my coursework?

Upon successfully completing the exam, your name will be listed by IAOIP on its website for the public to see and employers to search and confirm your certification. This is available so long as you are and member in good standing with IAOIP.

How much does the certificate exam cost?

Costs vary depending on which IAOIP exam preparation course you are taking.

How many CEs will I earn by taking the courses?

Each organization establishes its own policy concerning CEs for courses. IAOIP has its own policy of using courses to grant CEs for recertification. For the latest information on the IAOIP policy, go to