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Chemistry is the central science linking our understanding at the molecular level to the applied sciences, ranging from new materials to new methods of harnessing and storing energy. Chemistry drives our understanding of biology and the environment and provides a basis for the discovery of new drugs and how mankind interacts with earth.

At Florida Tech, the chemistry program is a dynamic and stimulating environment that will help you learn interesting topics and engage in cutting edge research. Our award-winning faculty excel at both teaching and research, and they provide a close-knit, supportive environment for undergraduate and graduate students to learn in the classroom and the laboratory. Your coursework and research experiences will enable you to pursue positions in industry, government, and academia. 

Our location on the Space Coast of Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center and Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, means we are surrounded by high tech companies with excellent employment opportunities. With a chemistry degree from Florida Tech, you will be prepared for a diverse range of careers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, polymer, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and other industries.

Undergraduate Students

General Chemistry courses for first-year students are small, typically with fewer than 60 students in each lecture class. Faculty who teach courses to first- and second-year students are dedicated to our students' success. Many of these faculty have been recognized for their quality teaching by the Florida Tech faculty, our students, and professional societies. We offer supplemental instruction and one-on-one tutoring in our Chemistry Resource Center.

All of our undergraduate students engage in research under the close mentorship of our excellent faculty. Students can begin their research as early as their first year at Florida Tech. If you are interested in research, we encourage you to read about the research interests of our faculty.

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Graduate Students

For those seeking graduate education in chemistry, Florida Tech offers Master's (M.S.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees in Chemistry.  Our graduate degree programs enable you to develop a strong foundation in chemistry, then build upon that with specialized classes in materials chemistry, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, and other subjects of your choice. 

As a graduate student, you will receive hands-on experience performing a research project that is of interest to you, under the mentorship of a experienced faculty member. The Chemistry program's moderate size allows the faculty to provide students with a level of individual guidance that is not often available in larger programs, while also providing students with access to cutting edge research instrumentation. We believe this combination contributes significantly to the fact that our M.S. and Ph.D. students achieve professional success after graduation.

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Florida Tech Chemistry Students

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