Florida Tech Chemistry

Graduate Studies In Chemistry

Prospective students

While undergraduate chemistry majors develop a strong foundational understanding of chemistry, graduate students pursuing a master's (M.S.) or doctoral (Ph.D.) degree learn more in the classroom. More importantly, you gain specialized skills by devoting a significant amount of time and effort in a research laboratory. There you will collaborate with a faculty research advisor and work with other students to create new chemical knowledge. This experience prepares you supervisory positions — including leading your own research projects — in industry, government labs, or in academia. 

Florida Tech is an ideal location for you to take the next step in your chemistry education. Our chemistry faculty is an active group dedicated to research and the training of students. Current faculty members have been highly successful in obtaining external research grants contracts (over $5M in active programs) and have published a significant number of patents, research papers, review articles, and books.

Our program's moderate size lets the faculty provide our research students with a level of individual guidance that is not often available in larger programs. We believe this contributes significantly to the fact that our students have been consistently successful after graduation. We encourage you to read more about our research facilities, current faculty research projects, and details about the M.S. Chemistry and Ph.D. Chemistry programs. You can request more information about the chemistry program on those pages or contact us directly. 

Chemistry graduate students can receive research or teaching assistantships that pay for tuition and a living stipend. We encourage you to apply now!

Current students

Graduate students enrolled in the chemistry program can find information about their program plans, lab safety, teaching, student awards, cumulative exams, and other topics within the chemistry program's Canvas website. We encourage you to join and follow our Facebook and LinkedIn pages so that you can keep up with other program news, including job and internship announcements.

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