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Writing a math formula on a dry erase board

Mathematical Sciences

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

The Mathematical Sciences Department of the Florida Institute of Technology College of Engineering and Science invites nominations for the departmental Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for outstanding performance as a graduate teaching assistant.

In the Mathematical Sciences Department, graduate teaching assistants provide essential services to faculty and students, including the coordination of recitations and labs, effective communication of mathematical concepts in lecture and office hour settings, and speedy, accurate grading.

Each spring, one graduate student is recognized by the department for excellence in their teaching assistant duties.

In order to be eligible, the student must be currently enrolled as a masters or doctoral student in the Mathematical Sciences Department, and have served as a graduate teaching assistant for the past two semesters.


2020 Dr. Semen Koksal Excellence in Teaching Award: Evan Cosgrove (Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.)

In honor of Dr. Semen Koksal

2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Matthew Kyle (Applied Mathematics, M.S.)

Congratulations Matthew!

2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award: Elise Aspray (Applied Mathematics, Ph.D.)

TA Award 2019 - Elise Aspray