Process To Request An H-1B

The International Student and Scholar Services Office should be consulted before making a commitment to hire the foreign national, by completing and submitting ISSS’s Assessment Form for Prospective Foreign Nationals as soon as they have begun the hiring process for a foreign national. ISSS will work with the hiring department and the individual to make certain that Florida Tech and the individual are compliant with all federal laws and regulations prior to the individual commencing employment.

Once ISSS has deemed it appropriate that the individual in question is eligible for H-1B sponsorship, the ISSS Office will send an email to both the department and the potential beneficiary outlining all the necessary documentation that is required for the submission of an H1B application.    It is important that all documentation is received back in the ISSS Office as quickly as possible.

NOTE: the department is responsible for securing all required signatures on the request packet.

H-1B Work Flow: Learn more about the basic procedures and workflow



ISSS will process the request, contacting the department with any questions or concerns. The Department of Labor and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will correspond directly with ISSS regarding the case, and ISSS will inform the department of the status of the employee’s work eligibility.

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