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Renting A Vehicle For University Business

Automobile rental is allowable for business travel only. The traveler is expected to rent a mid-size or smaller vehicle unless a larger car is required based on the number of bags and/or travelers in the group. If the traveler rents a car from a car rental agency, the university’s blanket auto insurance policy automatically covers these rentals and it is not necessary to purchase additional insurance. If an insurance claim becomes necessary, a copy of the rental agreement should be submitted to the Office of Compliance and Risk Management. If the traveler is renting a car in another country (other than the U.S.), it is required that the traveler purchase insurance at the time of rental. The Travel Policy provides additional information regarding automobile rental. Florida Tech has established car rental contracts with Avis and Enterprise National. The minimum age to rent a car is 25. 

Florida Tech has established car rental contracts with Avis and Enterprise National. Please access the various car rental sites with the links provided under the eMarketplace.

Please login with your TRACKs ID and password then Proceed to the "Travel" tab for information regarding the specific guidelines for car rentals. 

Personal Vehicle for University Business

Use of Personal Vehicle for University Business and used for business purposes is not covered by the university’s insurance. All drivers are insured by their own insurance. The university recommends that the traveler have the appropriate personal automobile insurance. The insurance must meet the liability insurance requirements of the motor vehicle financial responsibility laws of the state in which the employee lives. The university does not cover deductibles or other costs associated with being underinsured. Please see Travel Policy for additional information regarding the use of personal automobile and travel reimbursement.

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