Construction Management Career Paths

Industry Forecasts Continued Growth and Diverse Career Paths

The path to a successful career in construction management begins with a bachelor’s degree in construction management from Florida Tech, where students gain the specific skills they need for exciting and diverse construction management careers.

Jobs in construction management are expected to rise 8 percent 2021 through 2031, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the construction industry is often susceptible to economic fluctuations, history also shows that even in tough economic times, when new construction starts may be at a minimum, there is a continuing demand for infrastructure improvements, remodeling, repairs, maintenance and disaster-recovery projects. In addition, global initiatives to move the industry towards improvements in green building, smart buildings and energy efficiency and recovery continue to provide exciting and fulfilling opportunities for graduates seeking construction management careers.

Florida Tech Career Training

The main objective of the construction program is to provide an education that leads to a leadership role in the construction industry, while at the same time prepare the student to become a responsible member of society. This focus ensures students are ready for construction management careers with skills including: 

  • Engineering theory such as physics, chemistry and mathematics
  • Construction methods and practices such as planning, scheduling and cost estimating
  • Construction skills such as structural analysis, soil analysis, equipment management and safety
  • Business skills such as project management, contracting, budgeting and cost control
  • Leadership skills in team building and client management
  • Oral and written communications
  • General studies such as English, humanities, history and ethics

The curriculum is also responsive to current social, economic and technical developments in the field of construction and reflects the application of evolving knowledge in construction and the behavioral and quantitative sciences.

These skills provide graduates entering construction management careers with the core competencies essential to successful management of a construction project. Students develop their expertise through numerous practical exercises, team projects, field trips and working with industry professionals on technical projects. Plus, in addition to classroom training, students are highly encouraged to seek hands-on technical training during three focused summer internships.

Internships for Construction Management Careers

One of the key goals of the Florida Tech construction management program is to produce a graduate who is ready to go to work with a minimum of on-the-job training. Through partnerships with local construction firms, faculty guide students toward internships that progressively develop their readiness for construction management careers through hands-on experiences. This includes working with masons, concrete workers and other craft workers as well as performing management tasks such as interpretation of construction drawings and inspection of fieldwork. Prior to graduation, students will have worked with construction project managers to gain insights into career demands including management duties such as budgeting, scheduling, payments and change orders.

Career Outlook

Due to the extensive training within the construction management program at Florida Tech, students are especially attractive to employers who require professionals ready to go to work in a fast-moving industry.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), reports that population and business growth continues to expand the need for residences, office buildings, medical facilities, schools and retail outlets. Construction managers have also found expanding job growth from the rise in national infrastructure projects and in the growing emphasis on retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient.

Year after year, local and national firms seek out Florida Tech graduates for their excellent preparation and diverse range of knowledge.

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