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Transfer Credit For Master's And Specialist Students

Effective Date Jun 12, 2008

(Graduate Policy 1.7)

Up to a maximum of 12 semester credit hours of transfer credit from  accredited institutions may be transferred to Florida Tech under the following conditions:

  1. These courses must be graduate-level courses at the institution where they were taken.
  2. Courses transferred must have been passed with a grade of at least B- or equivalent.
  3. Transferred courses must not have been applied previously to any undergraduate degree.
  4. The request must be approved by the academic unit head and director of graduate programs.

Transfer credit from foreign universities will be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to the same overall limitations.

Courses applied toward a graduate degree at another institution may also be considered for transfer credit if they satisfy the above criteria.

Where a joint-degree or dual-degree program exists with another institution, up to one-half of the total credits required in the program may be transferred from the partner institution provided the courses at that institution are periodically reviewed and monitored by the dean of the appropriate college or school, or other graduate council representative. In each individual joint- or dual-degree program, the total transfer credits will be established prior to announcing the program or admitting students, and may be smaller than half the required credits if circumstances warrant. It is also noted that transfer credits from other institutions are not permitted in the case of a joint- or dual-degree program.

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