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Academic Probation and Dismissal for PhD/DBA/AvD Students

Effective Date Feb 20, 2014

(Graduate Policy 2.9)

The basic standard for successful performance at the doctoral level is a program grade point average of 3.2 or higher and an overall grade point average of at least 3.0. Reference is made to graduate policy “Grading Requirements” for definitions of program and overall grade point averages. The program grade point average for a doctoral student includes all courses shown on the program of study as applying toward the doctoral degree, both graduate numbered and undergraduate numbered. The overall grade point average is based on all coursework taken at Florida Tech while enrolled as a graduate student.

A cumulative grade point average below 3.0 or two failing grades (D, F, or U) at any stage of the doctoral program will result in the student’s dismissal.

After at least 15 semester credit hours of graduate semester credit earned at Florida Tech, a program grade point average of less than 3.2 but at least 3.0 will result in probation. If the program grade point average of 3.2 is not attained upon completion of the probationary semester, the dean of the graduate school will consider dismissal of the student.

Students are expected to conform to codes of ethics and conduct established by professionals in their fields; breaches of such codes may result in dismissal.

If a student fails to maintain satisfactory progress in coursework and/or research, as determined by a majority of the graduate faculty of the student’s major academic unit, they may recommend dismissal regardless of grade point average. In such cases, concurrence of the appropriate college dean and dean of the graduate school are required.

A student must receive written notification of dismissal.

Reinstatement Appeals

(Graduate Policy 2.9.1)

An academic dismissal may be appealed at any time for educationally sound reasons. A letter of appeal requesting reinstatement should be submitted to the director of graduate programs. Appellants must present relevant information. The academic unit head writes a recommendation to reinstate or deny reinstatement and forwards the appeal and recommendation to the dean of the appellant's college for a decision. Appellants will not be permitted to register for or attend classes until after a favorable decision about the appeal has been made. 

Transcript Annotation for Dismissed Doctoral Students

(Graduate Policy 2.9.2)

Transcripts of academically dismissed doctoral students are annotated as follows:

  1. The statement “Not admitted to candidacy for academic reasons” is used on the transcripts of pre-candidacy dismissals.
  2. The statement “Removed from candidacy for academic reasons” is used for dismissed doctoral candidates.

If a student is reinstated following a dismissal, the statement referring to not being admitted to candidacy, or removal from candidacy, is deleted from the transcript.

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