Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention

Effective Date Dec 1, 2014

Applicable Employee Classes:

Reviewed Date:

Approved by:

All Florida Tech Employees and Students

December 2014

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

5.2 Campus and Workplace Violence Prevention


Florida Institute of Technology would like to express its intent to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for all employees, students, and visitors. This policy applies to all university owned, controlled, or leased properties, including satellite locations as well as university owned or leased vehicles during, before, or after regular class or work hours.

Violent behavior which may or may not include the actual act of physical force, with or without a weapon, toward another employee, student, or visitor will not be tolerated. This also includes use of any method of communication such as email, texting, comments posted on websites and phone calls. Violence includes any and all intimidations, threats, domestic and dating violence, physical attacks, stalking, harassment, and property damage.

Firearms of any type are not permitted on Florida Tech Property in compliance with Florida Statute.  The only exceptions are on-duty law enforcement officers. While on university-controlled sites and at university-directed activities, employees are prohibited from introducing, possessing, using, buying, or selling unauthorized weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, or items deemed by campus  security to be dangerous. Firearms are defined as any gun, rifle, pistol or handgun designed to fire bullets or projectiles, regardless of propellant used.   

Brandishing any type of weapon such as knives with fixed blades or pocket knives, razors, metal knuckles, blackjacks, hatchets, and bows and arrows will not be tolerated and those individuals will be arrested and/or terminated.

Possession of firearms of any type, metal knuckles, blackjacks, hatchets, bows and arrows, and explosive devices will not be tolerated and those individuals whom possess these types of weapons will be arrested and/or terminated.


Employees, students, and visitors are expected to report to campus security any and all suspicious activities including threatening behavior and situations involving/regarding employees, former employees, students, customers, and strangers. In an emergency, one must first secure his or her own safety and then call 911 or campus security (321) 674-8111. All reports of violence will be handled in a strict confidential manner. This policy also prohibits retaliation against any person(s) who reports a violation of this policy. It is the responsibility of all on campus to take any threat or violent acts seriously and to report them as addressed in this policy.

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