Termination of Employment

Effective Date Dec 1, 2014


Full-time Faculty and Staff

Reviewed Date:

December 2014

Approved by:

Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, President

5.14 Termination of Employment


Involuntary separations will be approved by the Vice President of Human Resources.

Voluntary separations will be reviewed by the immediate supervisor and processed through the
Office of Human Resources.

Involuntary or voluntary separation from one position may or may not preclude an employee from continuing in a supplemental, contract or faculty position within the university subject to the approval of the Vice President of Human Resources.


Write a letter of resignation stating fully the reasons for leaving and turn in the resignation letter to your supervisor. This resignation should be turned in at least two weeks in advance of your leaving. This courtesy of advance notice will allow your supervisor time to adjust working schedules and attempt to secure a replacement. Final pay checks will be available on the next scheduled payday. You may request an exit interview at the Office of Human Resources (321) 674-8100 so your reaction to university policies and practices, as well as any phase of your job that may lead to improvements, will be known.

Separation paperwork must be completed for all employees terminating employment with the university, for any reason. 

Resigning employees may be paid for available vacation providing the employee completed six months of continuous service and provided adequate notice (a minimum of ten working days). Continuation of health, dental or vision coverage is discussed in the COBRA/HIPAA section.