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Vendor Selection Guidelines

Effective Date May 29, 2019

Applicable Employee ClassesReviewed DateApproved by
All Florida Tech Employees May 2019 Marsha Bewersdorf, CFO


The purpose of this documentation is to provide guidelines when selecting and authorizing the vendor population for the goal of minimizing cost and reducing fraud and abuse


Faculty and Staff are strongly encouraged to utilize existing vendors. Established vendors deliver the best overall value to the University based on price, quality, delivery capabilities, past performance, training, and financial stability. Consolidation of usage drives up the volume, which is what provides an incentive for vendors to offer the best possible price to the University.

Purchases made from the University's Consortium partners Platform do not require additional bidding, as they have been awarded based on competitive bidding and are therefore in compliance with University requirements. Consortiums and existing vendors help to ensure the University complies with the Uniform Guidance Code and the Florida Department of Education as these are negotiated rates.

If an existing vendor cannot provide the desired good or service, faculty and Staff may request that an alternative vendor be preferred and entered into Banner. Goods and services can be purchased from a new vendor only after the vendor has been previewed by Procurement Services and entered into Banner by Procurement Services.

To request a new vendor, the Initiator is required to have the vendor complete a Vendor Registration Package to include their current W-9 (domestic) or W-8BEN (international), and mail or scan to Procurement Services. The Vendor Registration Package can be found here:

Procurement Services is responsible for the initial setup and ongoing maintenance of the University's Vendor database. Using the information provided in the vendor registration package, they will perform a number of external checks to confirm business compliance both internationally and domestically. These checks include a Visual Compliance report that delivers a Visual compliance Restricted Party Screening as well as a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) match (US companies only), which checks the vendors EIN or SSN (Employer or Personal tax Identification number) number with IRS records. The vendor registration package, along with a clear report, allows the vendor to be preferred and entered into Banner. The newly created vendor ID will be communicated to the Department for use in the creation of a Purchase Requisition.

Procurement Services will regularly review all vendors in Banner and deactivate those vendors that have been inactive for several years. Once a vendor is deactivated in Banner, a new Vendor Registration and a current signed W9 Form must be completed along with the above processes prior to being reinstated.

Qualifications to become a Preferred Vendor

Preferred vendors must have a completed vendor package that has been reviewed and approved by Procurement Services.

The Vendor packet must include:

  • A completed W-9 on file.
  • Certificate of Insurance on file, if required. If not applicable, N/A will be marked on the checklist.
  • Vendor registration form on file.
  • Vendor must pass both Visual Compliance and TIN (Taxpayer Identifications Number) matching (US companies only) successfully.

Preferred Vendors also include vendors that will not have a Vendor Packet. These include the following:

  • Vendors that are documented as a part of a Consortium.
  • Vendors with documented negotiated pricing from State, County, or Town agreements.

Find the list of consortiums here: -services/SitePages/Home.aspx 

Performance Standards

  • There cannot be any repeated internal complaints reported or violation of University Rules reported.
  • The vendor shall comply with all OSHA and University Safety Standards. Using Department will report all such violations to Procurement Services.
  • The vendor is responsible for the prompt delivery of all bid/quote documentation to Procurement Services no later than the time specified
  • If applicable, the University reserves the right to request that the awarded firm remove any subcontractors from the University work sites it feels does not represent and uphold the standards of the University. The opinion of the University shall be final.
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