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School of Psychology

Culture Research Group

The world is not flat: culture matters. Psychology is an incomplete science without considering "culture," regardless of how it is defined across disciplines and metatheoretical orientations. Likewise, I/O psychology must consider culture if it is to be a defensible science and it must respond to the opportunities and challenges of the well-worn "globalization" concept in its applied mission.

The Culture Research Group includes I/O graduate students and undergraduates who are interested in culture-related research and activities. The CRG provides support for research projects that include cultural questions or issues and conducts research of its own in areas at the intersections of cultural studies and I/O - social psychology. The CRG actively seeks relationships with similar labs in other countries.

Current projects include:

Overseas adjustment: focusing on affect and the effects of critical events

Repatriation: development of a repatriation adjustment scale

For more information, please contact Dr. William Gabrenya