High-tech visualization of a brain
Clinical Psychology

The Clinical Psychology concentration within the bachelor’s degree in Psychology introduces students to the fascinating world of personality, psychological disorders and psychotherapy. The study of psychological disorders endeavors to determine the underlying cause of symptoms, which can be anything from personal experiences to organic brain impairment.

How does clinical psychology help people?
Clinical psychologists believe that treatment can act as a catalyst for change in people’s lives. The goal of clinical psychology is to diagnose and treat disorders and improve the client’s quality of life and ability to functioning independently.

How can clinical psychology help to prevent psychological problems?
Clinical psychologists are involved in a variety of preventative activities, ranging from early childhood interventions to life coaching. Students have the opportunity to join research teams studying issues such as child abuse and veterans’ combat trauma, and can present findings at professional conferences.

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Clinical Psychology usually continue their education in graduate school. Internship experiences in clinical settings, such as a crisis hotline and the Guardian Ad Litem program, make graduates attractive candidates to post-graduate institutions.


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