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Social Cultural Psychology

Social-Cultural Psychology is a set of fields that bring together psychology and social sciences such as sociology, anthropology, economics and political science. These fields are closely linked and each needs the other to provide a complete understanding of the human condition.

One of the earliest types of psychology, coming out of Germany in the 19th Century, focused on psychology as a purely cultural phenomenon. Modern psychology areas include Social Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, and the new field of International Work and Organizational Psychology. Social-Cultural Psychology also includes areas outside psychology, such as Cultural Anthropology, Psychological Sociology, Behavioral Economics, Political Psychology, and Social Geography.

The Social-Cultural Psychology concentration brings these disciplines together. Students who wish to pursue postgraduate degrees in social-cultural fields of psychology are encouraged to choose this concentration. Careers with postgraduate degrees in these areas include international consulting, academia, government, international training, and research. The concentration is an excellent preparation for law school, especially if you are considering the growing area of international law. Attorneys in this area of law work in specialized law firms, for multinational corporations, and for governments.

Students who plan to pursue careers directly after their undergraduate degrees will find coursework in sociocultural psychology to provide necessary preparation for work in settings such as international business, overseas nongovernmental organizations, and the Peace Corps.

The Social-Cultural Psychology concentration curriculum includes coursework in social, cultural, personality psychology, and in cultural-historical courses offered in other departments, such as intercultural communication, area studies (e.g., China), international business, macroeconomics, and related fields.

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