Human Subjects Researcher Training

Certification in Human Subject Protection is available through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

The CITI program at the University of Miami is a leading provider of research ethics education. Their web-based learning materials serve millions of learners throughout the world. All individuals who are directly involved in conducting research with human participants or who are directly involved with handling private confidential information related to study participants during the course of a research project are encouraged to complete this online course for certification in human subjects protection. Currently, CITI training certification is not required for IRB submission, but it is strongly encouraged.

The CITI training is organized into several learner groups, each consisting of modules on specific topics. The learner groups are:

  • Biomedical Research
  • Social & Behavioral Research
  • Research with data or laboratory specimens only
  • IRB Members
  • Behavioral Analysis

Most users complete the training in about four hours. You can stop and start anytime. Just remember your username and password. A passing score is at least 80% on each required module. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat the quiz as many times as you wish.Once you have completed the required modules in your learner group, you will have access to optional modules on specific/related topics. You are welcome to use these to supplement your coursework.

Get Started

  1. Go to CITI Program website
  2. Use your email address to register. Registration Instructions
  3. Go to Select Curriculum-Florida Institute of Technology.
  4. Scroll down to Human Subjects Research and select the type of research you conduct (your learner group). This will take you to the appropriate online course.
  5. When you have completed the course you will receive a certificate for your records. Your completion results will be automatically sent to Florida Tech for administrative records.
  6. Some funding agencies require a Responsible Conduct of Research certificate. This is also available to you. Scroll to Responsible Conduct of Research and select the appropriate type of research.
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