What is Self-Compassion?

Self-Compassion is different than having good self-esteem or confidence; it is about having a healthy relationship with yourself (Neff, 2003). Self-Compassion is derived from three pillars according to Kristin Neff, Ph.D.: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. Self-kindness involves recognizing unfavorable emotions and experiences are a given in life, and avoiding or denying that concept causes frustration and self-criticism. The frustration surrounding difficult life experiences leads to some feeling isolated from others, believing they are the only people suffering. However, recognizing our common humanity shows us that the human condition naturally involves suffering and that no one is perfect. Mindfulness involves non-judgmentally acknowledging a difficult situation as an observer from a different perspective without minimizing, denying, or overidentifying with negative emotions.

Self-Compassion Activities to Practice

How would you treat a friend?

Self-Compassion Break