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Oxford Study Abroad

Course Information


Each student will take two classes on the program (no more & no less).  9 to 11 courses from the list below will be offered depending upon student needs upon registration.

Course Number & Name

HUM 2051 Civ 1

HUM 2052 Civ 2

Ancient through Medieval (Due to low enrollment, Civ 1 was NOT taught in 2019)

Renaissance to Modern

HUM 2213 British & American Literature 2- Oxford authors such as C. S. Lewis &  Tolkien will be included
HUM 2085 Critical Approaches to Humanities:  Religions of the World*
MTH 3210 Intro to Partial Differential Equations and Applications -we will teach EITHER pde OR prob & stats
COM 2223 Scientific & Technical Communication
COM 2224 Business and Professional Writing
MTH 1002 Calculus 2**
MTH 2001 Calculus 3**
MTH 2201 Differential Equations**
MTH 2401 Probability and Statistics  -we will teach EITHER pde OR prob & stats
BUS 3601 Marketing Principles
BUS 4686 International Marketing 
BUS 5470 Marketing Management (MBA)
BUS 5070 Special Topics:  International Marketing (MBA)

* HUM 2085 can be used as a Social Science or Humanities elective.

** These Math courses are four credit hour classes and have a supplemental tuition charge of $878  (rather than $1170- save $292). 

Oxford Course Details

  • Classes will be held from June 29–August 5, 2020.  Attendance is mandatory.
  • Courses are taught 4 to 5 days per week.  
  • Courses are taught by Oxford based professors.  
  • Drops are not permitted and courses are offered for a letter grade only.
  • Some courses may require out-of-classroom events such as attending plays or museum visits.  You will need to pay for tickets/transport on some occasions.
  • Refer to the Florida Tech University Catalog for course prerequisites.
  • There is a 2.0 minimum GPA and good discplinary record requirement to apply for the program.
  • Classes are mandatory and only 1 unexcused absence per class is permitted before your grade drops. Excused absences are only those with a doctor’s note and proof of a doctor’s visit. Plan your personal travels accordingly.

All participants are subject to the Florida Tech Code of Conduct and Disciplinary System outlined in the Student Handbook. Any student who is a danger to him/herself, others, or the reputation of the program will be sent home at his/her own expense with no refunds.


ATTENTION BUSINESS STUDENTS:  Spain/Oxford Summer Study Abroad Option with Additional $1000 savings:

This summer you can earn up to 9 credit hours toward your degree while immersing yourself in European culture and adventure for 8 weeks+! Your resume will shine when employers and graduate schools see not one, but TWO study abroad programs highlighted in your experiences. In addition to the tremendous savings you are already earning by participating in either Spain or Oxford, undergraduate students who attend both programs take a total of 9 credit hours (3 in Spain and 6 in Oxford) and save an ADDITIONAL $1000 off of fees.

Spain alone: $4,400 (3 credit hours, 11 travel days- June 17-28)

Oxford alone: $9,530 (6 credit hours, 43 travel days-June 27-Aug 7. Oxford classes begin June 29, 2020)

Spain/Oxford combo: $12,930 (9 credit hours, 54 travel days).  


9 credit hours alone on campus without the study abroad discount and no travel= $10,530. For an additional $2,400 plus airfare you can earn those same 9 credit hours in Europe while having an amazing adventure, cultural experience, housing, food, field trips, and boosting your resume in our global economy. Students who take 6+ credit hours in the summer who are eligible for financial aid can apply for loans because they are full time with 6 credit hours.

Spain details & application:

Oxford details & application: